Friday 16 March 2012

Inspired by Apollo Moon Landings

Our next inspiring volunteer for National Engineering and Science week is Janet Preston, Director of Cold Fuzion Associates Limited, a business consultancy that specialises in Programme Project Management and Business Performance improvement.
Janet first got interested in science during the Apollo Moon Landings in the 1960’s her father knew someone who worked at NASA who sent Janet a press pack and a letter - on NASA headed paper! Janet still has this prized possession today.  She was so inspired she knew she wanted to be involved in science, and she went on to study Physics at University.
Whilst Janet didn’t pursue a scientific career she uses the scientific disciplines and logical thought processes she learned during her degree. She says “You could say career wise I’m a business women, but in my heart and soul I’m a physicist!”
When volunteering for SATRO Janet has been involved with “careers speed dating” and running workshops in CV writing and interview skills.
The best bit about working with SATRO is being able to give something back and pass on lessons she’s learnt during her working life – things that Janet wishes she knew when she was still at school and University. “There are so many opportunities for young people in the workplace and I enjoy contributing to them finding their way to a successful career.”

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