Monday 15 October 2012


On Friday 12th October Year 4 pupils at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Redhill had the opportunity to try their hand at civil engineering.  The challenge was to design a sporting stadium of their choice and then construct it within a time limit.  Working in small teams the pupils had to manufacture paper tubes for the building materials; this developed the pupils’ skills in creative thinking, planning, communication, team-working and leadership.  The children were able to work with professional engineers who were on hand to share their knowledge of forces in structures.  The support of volunteers enhanced the learning environment by bringing the world of work into the classroom. 

Reflecting on the challenge, pupils made the following comments:
“I will remember the things I have learnt”, “I felt proud that we made a good effort”, “I learnt that building includes science” and, “I enjoy science even more than before.”

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