Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A-Maze-ing Maths

The new academic year got off to an amazing start with a Fun Maths workshop at Cordwalles Junior School. Working with all KS2 pupils, 190 in total, the SATRO team delivered 3 separate sessions during the day, in which the children were challenged to a variety of mathematical puzzles. The pupils were paired to give them a team-working experience; this enabled them to communicate and share their knowledge with each other. We introduced a completely new set of puzzles which incorporated some different aspects of maths, such as time and measurement of length – this was well received by teachers and pupils alike, with the following comments:

“Really good activities which are good for the children’s teamwork skills. We were all amazed to see the children engaged for so long” - teacher

I feel “really happy because it was so fun and amazing, it taught me to like maths” - Year 3 pupil

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