Wednesday, 27 November 2013

What’s My Line comes to Gordon’s

90 year 12 students at Gordon’s School in West End Woking got to meet a huge variety of business professionals last Friday during a frantic 1½ hours of ‘Careers Speed Dating’. We had scientists, engineers, both civil and structural, chartered accountants, lawyers, a software developer, a patent attorney, a Press & Marketing Manager, a Creative Learning Manager, a Chief Petty Officer, two PhD students studying Virology & Immunology, a Doctor, a Book Publisher, a Management Consultant, and several representatives from the Police covering counter terrorism, forensics & a chief inspector, all of whom were passionate and enthusiastic about their chosen careers.

The students were put into small groups and had 5 minutes to quiz their ‘business volunteer’, who was only allowed to answer yes or no thereby requiring the students to try & guess their professions. A further 5 minutes of frantic questioning followed to ascertain exactly what they did for a living, and how they had got where they were. A whistle sounded and another willing business volunteer from a different profession presented themselves for questioning.

It was fast frenetic and enormous fun with the students commenting afterwards, ”I was astonished by the range of different career choices available that I didn’t know about”, and “I learned you must do something you enjoy, everyone in the world is clever in some way”. Additionally many of the students felt that with the right attitude & experience anything is possible and many commented, “This was a fantastic event and should be offered to all schools.”

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