Friday 14 February 2014


3 Discovery Science Days took place in Primary Schools this week: Barnsbury Primary School in Woking on 10th February; Boxgrove Primary School in Guildford on 12th February and Bishop Perrin Primary School in Twickenham. Over 500 pupils across the three schools participated, learning about a range of science activities: electrical circuits, magnets, light, forces in the playground, gravity and building water rockets.
The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the activities and learnt an awful lot. One pupil said "It was really inspiring and it has made me want to be a scientist." Another pupil commented "My opinion about SATRO is that they help persuade you to be a scientist. I had lots of fun today. The best part was having someone I don't know helping me learn."
The above events were kindly sponsored by: Barnsbury Primary School – Cllr Will Forster; Boxgrove Primary School – Cllr Mark Brett-Warburton and Bishop Perrin Primary School - The Royal Institution of Great Britain.

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