Thursday 2 April 2015


My name is Martin and I am studying civil engineering at the University of Bath. As part of my sandwich course, I am currently undertaking an industrial placement with Tony Gee and Partners - a civil, structural and geotechnical consultant. I have been working in the highways group on various projects doing a variety of modelling, as well as sending information out for construction. The project I am currently working on consists of over 10km of road including a bridge across Kuwait bay and a number of complex interchanges!

Doing a placement has been a very valuable experience to me already, and I am only halfway through! I have improved my technical understanding in certain areas that I know will be useful for my final two years, as well as built upon concepts that have been touched upon at university already. One of the biggest benefits from my work experience, however, is an increased confidence in my own judgement and ability. This is a vital skill in the real world and simply cannot be taught at university because all the questions set have mark schemes, and getting it wrong doesn’t have the same implications!

I would highly recommend doing summer placements at the least, but if you have the opportunity to do so, an industrial year. As well as the skills, it is simply a great networking opportunity and your general thought process will change to help you make the most of your remaining education and prepare you for your career! It also makes you much more employable as a graduate, and many companies will even offer you a job after graduation!

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