Monday, 8 August 2016

Learning theory on semiconductor physics and devices, such as diodes and BJT's! - Sukant

The STEM placement students are sending us weekly blogs all about their experience in the world of work! 

Work experience is great and it provides students with many benefits whilst gaining skills and helping choose the right future career path for pupils. Having work experience on a Curriculum Vitae will make a person stand out to employers as they will notice they have motivation and a real passion for work. It will also help to boost a students confidence in themselves!

See how Sukant's getting on at the University of Surrey! 

Week one - 

"I have really enjoyed this first week. I have walked to and from the placement at Surrey University with no difficulty at all. 

This week has mainly been about learning theory on semiconductor physics and devices, such as diodes and BJT's, and their characteristics and manufacture. I have had a small look at MOSFET's and FET's too. 

I have also started to have a look at how to simulate the structures, electrical properties and behaviour using Atlas. I am currently learning a code in Deckbuild which runs the simulation. I have mainly been working in a computer lab. The barbecue on Wednesday was a good way to mix with other people on the placement."

Week two - 

"This week was again fruitful and enriching: I used a device simulator to model p-n junctions, diodes and their characteristics. I also used a process simulator to model the fabrication of a diode. I generated a huge number of different types of files in the process.

 I also did some research on MOSFET's; a type of transistor I shall be investigating, and started writing my report. I met some of my school friends who are also doing CREST Gold placements at Surrey University. I will continue on my report this week-end and next week will probably model another device, either a BJT or MOSFET."

                                                                                                                                             - Sukant

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