Thursday 27 October 2016

Extended work placement student Grace Tribe - Student Case Study

My name is Grace Tribe and I study Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Art at The Tiffin Girls’ School. I am aiming to go to university to study Broad-based Engineering or Mechanical Engineering. I applied for a placement because I wanted to try to see the world of work and what an engineering job could involve.

My placement was at a company called KBC where I worked with the chemical engineers and focused on the distillation processes. I was asked to update their existing correlation which helps shows their clients how much energy their site consumes. This involved learning how to use their simulation software and upgrading the old models to the latest versions. I then compared the results and modified accordingly to match the results. A client of KBC asked if a synthetic crude could be applied to this correlation. My next task was to test this and come up with a presentation outlining the results.

I have benefited greatly from this experience because I had the opportunity to talk with both chemical and mechanical engineers at the company for an insight into their work. It was interesting to see how the team worked together as ideas bounced off each other and how they didn’t know what task they could be working on next. I think this is a great chance for any prospective scientists and engineers to get a taste of the workplace and the area of study which they are interested in.

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