Thursday 28 February 2013


"I could not have enjoyed it more!" exclaimed Cllr. Lavinia Sealy, Chairman of  Surrey County Council, upon visiting Holy Trinity C of E Primary School on Tuesday, where fifty-four Year 5s took part in a SATRO Mega-Structures Challenge. Cllr. Sealy was shown around the classrooms by the Head, Jon Hill, and chatted with pupils, staff and volunteers.

The children were divided into teams of about 6 and then set the task of designing and building a sports stadium. The structures were constructed out of A4 paper tubes, flattened at the ends and bolted together. SATRO volunteers, comprising of Engineers and experienced professionals, advised the children on their designs and helped them find the strongest type of structure.

The pupils were most inventive, with stadiums being at least dual purpose, eg, football and athletics. The winning team's stadium was an Aquatic Centre, featuring a swimming pool, diving board and diving pool - and was complete with raked seating, spectators, fast food outlets, toilets and parking spaces - all made out of paper!

Pupils' commented...
"I have a new fascination for science, engineering, maths and technology."
"I found and felt that engineering is not just building, it’s presenting and drawing and lots of hard work building prototypes.  It also helped me work in a team."

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