Wednesday 30 April 2014

University of Surrey Wider Participation Event

Monday 28th April saw a faithful band of SATRO volunteers head to the University of Surrey Wider Participation Event in Guildford to help support and guide 150 Year 8 students, from numerous schools around Surrey, through the vagaries of the SATRO Business Game. The students were placed into 19 teams which later became stationery companies and each team had either their own student ambassador courtesy of the University, or one of our own volunteers as a business advisor. More of our volunteers were on hand to play the various roles inherent in business with ‘the buying team’ negotiating hard with the students, many of whom refused to compromise. Bank accounts were opened and money managed whilst ‘the bosses’ kept everyone on track.

These student comments illustrate the valuable skills learnt...

"I learned more about working in a team and it has helped me think about what sort of job I would like in the future. It was harder than I expected but I enjoyed it."

"I learnt how to adjust to working with people that I've never met before. I learned how a company works and how much work is needed in a company, and also the roles that are given to people."

For all who were involved, the day was hugely enjoyable with everyone being impressed by the students’ eagerness to learn and take part.

As one of our dedicated volunteers summed up, "An excellent use of business terms and ideas for students to understand and implement. A great insight into the world of work."

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