Thursday, 3 July 2014


On Thursday 26th June, students from Parkside Prep School in Stoke D'Abernon formed 5 teams to take part in SATRO's Business Game. 

SATRO's business volunteers alongside class teachers were at hand to offer advice and encouragement to the young entrepreneurs. As the students’ fledgling companies emerged, they produced prototypes and competed for stationery orders from the discerning buyers.  Bank accounts were opened and accountants wrestled with the intricacies of cash flow, whilst sales managers were intent on winning orders and marketing managers were busy promoting their companies.  The Game threw the students some real challenges along the way - as the businesses settled down to regular trading, they were faced with paper shortages and one off, time limited opportunities!  The students gained some valuable hands on learning with some companies forging ahead, taking a clear lead.

Later in the day, in a quest to win the best presentation award, the students prepared a short performance, outlining what they had learnt throughout the day. Competition is always tough and the judges faced a challenging job selecting the winner. 

One student commented,

I was very surprised at how enjoyable the days activity was and I will go away from this with a better thought on companies. I thought today would be a lecture in the performance hall. (I was pleasantly surprised.) I learnt that businesses aren't boring and are very competitive. I thoroughly enjoyed myself today and would like to thank the SATRO Volunteers for their help in today's activities!"

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