Thursday, 18 September 2014


Mike Arrow is 23 and has worked in Guildford as a web developer since 2012 . He works for Minted Box which is a small company based on the Surrey Research Park in Guildford specialising in web development who work with a wide range of clients ranging from charities to top UK plc’s.

As a web developer Mike takes the designs for websites and turns them into reality for their clients. This sometimes involves working with colleagues to develop a detailed project plan to ensure that all of the pages on the site link together correctly. He learnt some code before he joined the company but has learnt many of the skills that he needs whilst working for the company.

Mike really enjoys his role and seeing the final websites up and running.  He particularly enjoys finding a way of solving problems when the sites are being developed.  Clients may want their websites to be used on a range of equipment and so Mike may need to adapt the coding to ensure that the website works on a variety of devices. One of the biggest challenges he faces is keeping up to date as both the technology and coding is developing very fast.

He thinks that web development suits people who are logical with an eye for detail and who enjoy systematically working through problems to find the solution. He found that doing IT at school and having GCSE Maths together with an understanding of algebra has really helped him as he frequently uses equations when writing code.

His advice to people considering web development as a career should have a go at developing a website for themselves using online tutorials to learn some coding. He used the W3 Schools website: (  and suggested that it is worth developing an on line portfolio so that potential employers can see what you have done already. He also suggested that it is also worth asking about work experience to see what it is like to work on web development. 

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