Tuesday 15 March 2016

SATRO PROBLEM SOLVING CHALLENGE 2016 - British Science Week 11th - 20th March

SATRO Problem Solving Challenge 2016

As part of British Science Week 2016, SATRO is holding the annual Problem Solving Challenge Grand Final on 17th March 2016. 

The well established SATRO Problem Solving Challenge is a competition for teams of six students in Key Stage groups 3-5 (years 7-13) and is open to all secondary schools in Surrey and the surrounding areas. The teams are set a problem to solve within a set time, using only the materials provided (anything from a marble to a piece of tin foil!). The winning teams are those in each key stage group who have been judged to have best met the criteria set out in the problem.

The culmination of the 2016 SATRO Problem Solving Challenge heats which took place around the county will be on Thursday 17th March 2016. The two highest scoring teams from each of the 3 key stages at each heat will go up against each other at ACS Cobham International School to decide the 2016 victors.

This year’s Problem Solving Challenge has been kindly supported by Allianz, Give-It-Away, The Manly Trust, Frazer-Nash Consultancy, The Armourers and Brasiers Company and the Institution of Chemical Engineers. Their support has allowed SATRO to host 62 schools, reaching over 900 students; enabling them to develop their team working, problem solving and time management skills, as well as have fun whilst learning.

Students from our SATRO Problem Solving Challenge heats commented:

 “I learnt about teamwork and time management, as well as overcoming problems.”

“I learnt that trial and improvement is always the best solution. Not all things will work and it’s never too late to start again.”

"The best thing I learnt today was that more time is needed to be spent on planning because once you start making something it can be hard to change.”

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