Thursday, 10 March 2016

TOP TEN PIECES OF CAREER ADVICE - National Careers Week 2016

1. Study and work in whatever seemingly unrelated areas you are interested in, even if it's just a hobby. That way, when your dream job/business comes up, you'll be perfectly and uniquely qualified for it.                                    - Sarah Jansen, writer and editor

2. Important, exciting careers aren't linear or clearly defined.    
                                                                                - Anonymous  

3. Don't be better, be different. You might not have the exact experience listed on the job description, but if you can show how your unique skills would better suit the company, you have a better shot than someone who is a more technical match.
                                                                              - John Fawkes, Blogger and Career Coach

4. You can learn a lot hanging out by the printer. 
                                                                              - Anonymous

5. You don't get ahead by doing your job well - you get ahead by making new things happen that weren't a part of your job description.        
                                                                             - Victor Wong, CEO of PaperG

6. Attitude > Aptitude.                                        - Anonymous

7. Your main goal at work should be to learn and contribute. Success and promotion will follow from there.                                            - Laura Cooke

8. Talk openly about your failures. People will respect and trust you if they see that you're taking risks and aren't ashamed to learn from them.
                                                                              - Mira Zaslove

9. The best job for you won't be ready at the exact time you are 'ready'. You have to be open to and searching for opportunity all the time.                        
                                                                              - John Fawkes, Blogger and Career Coach

10. Ultimately, your career is largely a concept that exists in your mind. What you really have is a series of jobs, strung together, that form a story you are in charge of writing.
                                                                              - Blaine Lee Pardoe

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