Thursday, 2 August 2018

Hannah Wagner - Summer STEM Work Placement - Weekly Reports

The STEM placement students are sending us weekly blogs all about their experience in the world of work! 

Work experience is great and it provides students with many benefits whilst gaining skills and helping choose the right future career path for pupils. Having work experience on a Curriculum Vitae will make a person stand out to employers as they will notice they have motivation and a real passion for work. It will also help to boost a students confidence in themselves!

See how Hannah is getting on with her STEM placement!

Week One

"The aim of my project is to create a nanotechnological mask using photolithography. Overall the current flows through transistors, which are semiconductor devices that are used to amplify or switch electronic signals and power. The process of photolithography involves indenting the base of a substrate using light. 

During my first week, I gained an understanding as to how semiconductors work to create transistors: by connecting the source, gate, drain, and semiconductor to an insulator, electric current is able to flow. 

However, voltage must also be applied to positively charge the gate and drain, which causes electrons begin to flow from the source to the drain via the semiconductor. Upon understanding how the semiconductor circuit works and doing research into the transistors, I was able to begin working on CAD programs to design more complex transistors." 

-Hannah Wagner

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