Monday 2 June 2014


Today, a programme of exciting science workshops were held at Hurst Green Infant School in Oxted. 60  children took part in this event, in which they learnt about different aspects of science and technology - and how it works in the world around them.  A SATRO team of engineering experts were on hand to guide the pupils through the interactive workshops.  The Pulleys activity provided an opportunity for the Year 1 pupils to be  introduced Forces with a demonstration of how a pulley rig can lift a heavy object. Using the theme of 'Incy Wincy spider' the children made winding mechanisms to pull their spider up a Pringles tube drainpipe. Meanwhile, Year 2 explored movement through push and pull forces and how these work in everyday life, but particularly related to different playground equipment.  The children made roundabouts, swings and slides to illustrate how forces make objects move. 

This event was very kindly funded by Cllr Nick Skellett. 

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