Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Peter has just retired after a 50 year career in civil engineering construction as a Project Manager involved with bridges, harbours, roads, water supply and many other parts of infrastructure both in the UK and overseas. 
Peter joined SATRO in 1998 as a natural succession to the Engineering Council and was pleased to have the backing and support of his employers to take time off for this activity.  Over the last 3 years Peter has volunteered at 27 events giving over 150 hours of his time; the major part of this involvement has been based around the Primary Science programme but he has also participated in Careers events, Mentoring, Fun Maths and Mega-structures. He is a regular volunteer at our Problem Solving challenges and our annual SATRO Science Festival.

About why he got involved with SATRO Peter says “I volunteered with SATRO because I agreed so much with their focus on primary science and that they  provide such professional support to volunteers together with a real understanding of the educational needs that the schools find most difficult to deliver in the STEM subjects.”  Peter continues to volunteer time and time again because “I can see that the UK has such a critical requirement for qualified engineers of all disciplines and SATRO has an important role in bringing engineering to the forefront when students start making career choices.  It has been a challenge to find ways of engaging and communicating with pupils from age 5-18, but has proved immensely satisfying to see the effects of even simple experiments and perhaps opening a window to the world of science and engineering around them”.

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