Friday, 13 June 2014


On the 11th June 2014, 24 budding entrepreneurs at Riverview Primary School were put through their paces during a hugely exciting day running a stationery company.
As the pupils' fledgling companies emerged, they produced prototypes and competed for stationery orders from the panel of buyers.  Bank accounts were opened and accountants wrestled with the difficulties of cash flow, whilst sales managers were intent on winning orders and marketing managers were busy promoting their businesses.  The Game threw the students some real challenges along the way, including paper shortages and one off, time limited, opportunities to make more money for their companies!
Later in the day, in a bid to win the best presentation award, the students prepared short presentations, outlining what they had learnt.  Competition is always tough and the judges had a challenging job selecting the winner.
One pupil commented about the day,

 "I learnt that being in a business isn't all about buying and selling, there is more to it than that. I also learnt that being sales manager is hard because you have to try to sell your product for the best price." 

And a teacher said,

 "The sad was so well organised - the resources were ready and Jules delivered it fantastically. The volunteers supported the children really well."

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