Friday, 29 August 2014


SATRO celebrates its 30th birthday this year and we have been busy organising a range of exciting activities to commemorate this amazing anniversary. As well as a sponsored walk, fundraising concert and cross-school competition, we are able to launch a creative new look which reflects the inspiring work we do with over 18,000 young people every year.
SATRO has worked in partnership with sector-focussed integrated communications agency Embrace, who generously created a new visual identity for the charity on a completely pro-bono basis. Our new look incorporated the concept of ‘starting the chain reaction’. It was precisely this which introduced us to Embrace – a conversation with a volunteer, who then talked to her husband, who turned out to be Creative Director of Embrace, Andrew Patterson. And a few months on, a new-look SATRO.

Here’s what Andrew has to say about why he got involved with SATRO:

“My wife was in touch with SATRO via networking to help with a video, and my kids were involved in SATRO workshops at their school. Both were really impressed with the ambition and the ability to bring STEM to life and I wanted to help SATRO reach a wider and relevant audience and communicate what they had to offer. By looking at their identity we wanted to visually and verbally capture the energy and excitement of all those involved, from the kids to the volunteers, creating a spark and starting a chain reaction. As designers and creatives we are always looking for the latest and freshest ideas and we are glad to help in the search to inspire the next generation of engineers and creative thinkers.” 

With more than a nod to the complex and clever work of Heath Robinson and Rube Goldberg, our new look reflects how a mix of sciences transfer an object from one place to another.

SATRO, CEO Dr Beccy Bowden explains “I’m absolutely delighted by the new branding that Embrace have come up with for SATRO – it superbly captures our purpose.   SATRO’s events and programmes for young people often result in them successfully achieving goals they couldn’t have anticipated, or spark interests they couldn’t have imagined. We aim to light the ‘blue touch paper’ of aspiration to spark off chain reactions in young people which will result in successful and rewarding careers for them. A bit like our new logo, who would have thought that a chance meeting with members of the Embrace team several months ago would have led to such an exciting outcome. The whole Embrace team have been a delight to work with and really understood our ethos from the start – we are blown away that thanks to their generosity in gifting their time to us, a small charity with no funding to spare has ended up with an outstandingly professional new brand that will give us a huge boost as we start the next 30 years of inspiration!”

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