Tuesday, 26 August 2014

SATROClub Extended Work Placement

In July, Thomas from Esher College participated in a SATROClub Extended Placement at the University of Surrey. Here is what he had to say only one week into his placement.

"I found that the first two days were quite intense because my supervisor (Radu) had to teach me a lot of complicated physics. I now understand most of it and it is becoming easier. I have also started using some software to simulate transistors and it didn't take long to get used to it. I am on track to completing my project in 4 weeks. Radu and I created a rough plan for the duration of the project, showing what needs to be done each day, and I am not behind on anything (so far). Although some of the theory involved in the project is very advanced, it is very interesting and I am really enjoying it because I am learning something new and different to what I have learned in college. Radu is a great supervisor. He is very helpful and a good teacher. He is also very friendly and I enjoy going to lunch with him and Will, who is working on a similar project with Radu."

We hope the rest of your placement was just as enjoyable as the first week, Thomas!

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