Tuesday 8 August 2017

Lauren Stumpf - Summer STEM Work Placement - Weekly Reports

The STEM placement students are sending us weekly blogs all about their experience in the world of work! 

Work experience is great and it provides students with many benefits whilst gaining skills and helping choose the right future career path for pupils. Having work experience on a Curriculum Vitae will make a person stand out to employers as they will notice they have motivation and a real passion for work. It will also help to boost a students confidence in themselves!

See how Lauren is getting on with her STEM placement! 

Week One

"During my first week, I have been introduced to Arduino having never programmed before. I have familiarised myself with microcontrollers, microprocessors and C++. I have developed code and a circuit that enabled me to measure the light intensity using an LDR. I have very much enjoyed learning about my project."

Week Two

"During week two, I have extensively researched how to send data between the Arduino and a phone via Bluetooth. I then looked specifically at how to send sensor data via Bluetooth from the Arduino to a phone. I constructed the code needed to do so; however, the Bluetooth module I had didn't have the RX pin needed therefore, I ordered a new module which should be coming next week. Whilst I waited for that to arrive, I measured resistance of eight LDR connected in parallel and figured out a way to block out all light from LDR." 

Week Three

"At the beginning of the week, I took multiple measurements of three different types of photo-diodes connected series. I measured the current of different combinations of exposed and covered photo-diodes in order to determine the on off ratio. I then prepared my poster and a presentation in order to present my project so far to a group of academics. I enjoyed the experience and found watching everyone else's presentation interesting as well." 

-Lauren Stumpf

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