Thursday, 1 June 2017

Volunteers Week - 1st June - 7th June 2017 - Why do you volunteer for SATRO?

Here at SATRO, we owe a huge thank you to our volunteers. They are vital to us and we certainly couldn’t do what we do without them! SATRO has over 900 active volunteers. We know it is important that volunteers feel valued and that their employers know their staff have had a productive and positive experience with us. Many of our volunteers sign up so they can ‘make a difference’ to young people and are frequently surprised by how much they have learnt from the experience themselves. Let’s see what some of our volunteers have to say about why they volunteer for SATRO!

"As a retired engineer and STEM Ambassador, I believe it's important to offer back some of my experience to help encourage the next generation. I have seen some amazing results and ideas from students at SATRO events ans always hope that an interest for careers in Science and Engineering is ignited. 

Our science and engineering is world-class, exciting and globally successful. Having the opportunity to convey my enthusiasm on behalf of SATRO gives me great pleasure." - John Faulkner, SATRO Volunteer 

"My careers advice and guidance during education was extremely poor, and apart from anything else, I struggled to obtain meaningful qualifications. I feel I have been very fortunate to successfully progress in my career within the construction industry and have exceeded all of my expectations... not that I really had any! There seemed very little choice in careers when I left school and I feel there are more opportunities these days. Most of my volunteering involves engaging with students who are uncertain of their future and therefor I have the opportunity to offer guidance based on my experience. 

SATRO does what it says on the tin "inspiring young people" so this sits nicely with my beliefs. SATRO is well organised and has a team, associates and volunteers that hold a common goal. Every event is enjoyable and I have made many friends. I must add that my employer, Willmott Dixon, supports social engagement and allows me to volunteer without any questions." - Gordon Bell, Willmott Dixon 

"My 7 year old son came home from school one day saying a girl in his class told him that her mum has said I couldn't be an engineer as I am a woman. In 2002, really? 

I volunteer for SATRO as I enjoy bringing what fun I have had in engineering career to schools. I want to help make engineering attractive and at least a career option girls would consider by using whatever skills and enthusiasm I have. Perhaps I can make a difference to one child." - Rachel Kornberg, SATRO Volunteer

"I wanted the opportunity to contribute to the community and what better way is there than helping kids achieve their full potential. I am grateful to SATRO for the platform to enable me to do this. They organise everything and all I have to do is turn up and do my thing. As a firm believer that "Knowledge is King" I get a tremendous buzz from interacting with a child who is willing to listen and eager to learn. More importantly, SATRO events offer us the opportunity to help those kids who perhaps lack the necessary encouragement elsewhere in their lives." - Jude Edwardes, SATRO Volunteer 

"Knowing the rewards and satisfaction of a career in engineering, I have been motivated to encourage students to find out more about the way in which science and engineering affect our lives. SATRO offers a range of projects - Primary science, Problem Solving Challenges , Business Games amongst others which are fun to deliver can be seen to have an effect." - Peter Bullock, SATRO Volunteer

“Volunteering for me is about giving something back to my community in a way that helps the next generation to learn more about the wide variety of opportunities there are for them.” - Shash Patel, SATRO Volunteer