Thursday, 30 October 2014


Active Robots
With our big #TeenTechSurrey event only round the corner, we decided to post a few teasers of what we have in store for visitors on the day. First up we have Active Robots, who will be joining us for the second time, helping to inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists. Active Robots is a leading supplier and manufacturer of robotics and electronics. They supply a vast range of customers from the education sector and commercial customers to hobbyists. Just like last year, the Active Robots team will be bringing along a couple of their intriguing Humanoid Robots, join us on the 12th November at Surrey Sports Park in Guildford to meet the robots and even take them for a walk!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014


The TeenTech Experience is an inspirational way to get involved and make a difference in young people's future career choices in Science, Engineering and Technology.

Up to 300 students, aged 12-13, from multiple secondary schools across Surrey and the South East will be taken out of school for a day to learn about the very real career opportunities available to them if they select STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) subjects for their GCSE's and further study. This years #TeenTechSurrey will be taking place at the Surrey Sports Park in Guildford on Wednesday 12th November. If you are interested in either exhibiting as a company, bringing along students for our 6th form event or volunteering to be an ambassador on the day - please get in contact with for more details.

Monday, 27 October 2014


Last Thursday, over 120 pupils from South Farnham Primary School took part in a SATRO Discovery Science Workshop. The days activity was Circuit Detectives.  This workshop requires the children to inspect various circuits and find the faults. They consolidated new knowledge in a fun way whilst building on team-working skills. This workshop, designed to inspire young people about the fun of science and encourage them to continue their science-related studies into secondary school and beyond, was well received by both pupils and teachers. With pupils commenting...

"It has shown me a whole new career that I could have and shown me a lot more about science..."

"This activity has made me feel better with the topic science and I hope you realise you're a super group of engineers and scientists. Thank you."

"I feel way more confident with circuits and it was fascinating to learn about the different circuit symbols and the ways circuits can fail and be checked. Thank you so much for your time."

Thursday, 16 October 2014

US Airforce Secret Space Shuttle To Land

The US Air Force is getting ready to land X-37B, an unmanned space plane that can both enter orbit and land without human intervention, and has spent a record of 665 consecutive days on a low-earth orbit mission. Tuesday is the date set for the return of X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle. The space craft is currently orbiting at 28,044km/h, at a distance of around 350km into the sky. It is unsure exactly what the X-37B is being used for, but the one definitive thing the Air Force will say about it is that it has no plans to develop a manned version. The spacecraft measures up at 29 feet long and 9.5 feet high, about one-fifth of the size of the retired NASA space shuttles. As always with top secret programs, there has been much speculation online about what is being done with the aircraft, theories range from surveillance to a platform for a new generation of kinetic weapons that can be used from space.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

10 Reasons You Should Study STEM Subjects

SATRO’s vision is to inspire and enthuse young people about their future careers, by giving them as many possible glimpses into the working world throughout their journey through education – particularly in the STEM area (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). So I’ve decided to compose a list of 10 reasons why we think you should be studying STEM subjects and here they are…

1. Young people with STEM qualifications are in demand in the job market and have good long term career prospects.

2. People with STEM skills can make a big contribution to many of the big challenges facing society today.

3. There are opportunities to work in various environments from field work to manufacturing plants, offices to labs, schools to hospitals, from deep oceans to outer space.

4. One of the great challenges of this time is the search for new energy resources. We have to lower our dependence on fossil fuels and find new renewable sources of energy, from wind to solar to wave power. Rising to this challenge is creating many new STEM based jobs for the future.

5. There is expected to be a 48% increase in demand for physical environmental science graduates in the next eight years.

6. There is a huge variety of exciting career paths open to people with STEM based skills.

7. People with STEM qualifications are very employable. Choosing STEM subjects opens up options later in life.

8. Chemistry and Physics graduates will earn on average over 30% more during their working lifetimes than other A-level holders.

9. Most science and engineering companies provide training opportunities and map out long term career paths.

10. There is a demand for people with STEM skills globally; careers can often include the opportunity for international travel.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Performers at our #SATROConcert this weekend!

SATRO have organised an a cappella concert on Saturday 18th October, it will be hosted at the beautifully historic venue, Epsom College. Figaro, are just one of the acts that are to be performing on the night. Figaro are the current 2013 UK Seniors Quartet Champions and are travelling to compete at the International Seniors Quartet Championships in New Orleans in January 2015. Two of the members also belong to The Royal Harmonics, who are the performing Chrous of Windsor A Cappella. This is a male chorus specialising in imaginatively staged and onnovative performances of songs from across the spectrum of modern music. To avoid missing their performances, book your tickets here!

Friday, 10 October 2014


The Cisco Little BIG Awards was launched this morning at Cisco's HQ in Feltham. Thirteen schools are taking part. The students enjoyed some very impressive demonstrations of tomorrows technology before being briefed on their task and meeting their mentor. Good luck to everyone who is participating!  


55  year six pupils (ten & eleven year olds) from Chandler's Field Primary School had a hugely enjoyable day  running their own companies. The students took part in a ‘SATRO Business Game’ - a business simulation game, organised by SATRO, a not for profit charity who offer opportunities to enhance relationships between schools and businesses, on 9th October.

SATRO's business volunteers alongside class teachers were at hand to offer advice and encouragement to the young entrepreneurs. As the students’ fledgling companies emerged, they produced prototypes and competed for stationery orders from the discerning buyers.  Bank accounts were opened and accountants wrestled with the intricacies of cash flow, whilst sales managers were intent on winning orders and marketing managers were busy promoting their companies.  The Game threw the pupils some real challenges along the way - as the businesses settled down to regular trading, they were faced with paper shortages and one off, time limited opportunities!  The pupils gained some valuable hands on learning with some companies forging ahead, taking a clear lead.

Later in the day, in a quest to win the best presentation award, the pupils prepared a short performance, outlining what they had learnt throughout the day. Competition is always tough and the judges faced a challenging job selecting the winner. 

Thursday, 9 October 2014

#SATROConcert - Academix

SATRO have organised an a cappella concert on Saturday 18th October, it will be hosted by Epsom College. Academix, are just one of many performers on the night. They are a new, exciting singing group; a 5 piece contemporary a cappella group with vocal percussion. All of Academix's repertoire is arranged specifically for the group by its members, making the most of their unique versatility and talents. To avoid missing their performance, book your tickets here!

Monday, 6 October 2014


Today, SATRO are in Ashtead at The Greville Primary School delivering a Mega-Structures workshop to 85, Year 6 pupils. The pupils will explore ways of making structures with paper, nuts and bolts, in an exciting environment. The challenge inspires creativity, development of problem solving capability and it also provides opportunity for team-building.

With thanks to Cllr Chris Townsend of Surrey County Council for part-funding this event.

Visit SATRO for more info about the activities and workshops we provide.

Thursday, 2 October 2014


Today we're at Wray Common Primary delivering one of our exciting Fun Maths Workshops to over 300 pupils. This fantastic workshop offers pupils an opportunity to test and consolidate their maths knowledge in a fun, non-confrontational way. The workshop will also give them a chance to work on their team-building, functional, and effective participating skills. An interactive challenge, the pupils will work in pairs to solve a range of differentiated problems and puzzles within a time limit.

With thanks to Partnership for fully funding this event.