Wednesday, 21 December 2011

IBM Finance Conference

IBM kindly hosted the 10th ‘Focusing on Finance in Business: A Conference for Sixth Form Students’ at their prestigious Bedfont Lakes Headquarters over two days on 2nd & 5th December 2011. Six prestigious companies including Allianz, Air Products, BAA, IBM, PWC and The Army ran 4 hour long workshops providing real life case studies for the students to get their teeth into. Allianz presented ‘The Risk Factor’, BAA covered Heathrow Welcomes 2012, IBM focused on Issues in Finance whilst Air Products challenged the students to look at ‘Better Decision Making’. All who attended felt this was the best event ever.
This event is run by SATRO in collaboration with colleagues in Hounslow, Hillingdon & Ealing  EBP’s and students from a variety of schools including three Surrey schools were treated as delegates for the day.
Comments from Surrey students include:
“I got to speak to older people who have already gone down my likely career path”
“Today I enjoyed how the team leader in each group was helpful and made me realise more in life for me”
“I learnt new things and ideas and it has widened my knowledge on business finance”
With teachers who attended the days saying:
“BAA brought business alive by getting students to consider the impact of the Olympics on LHR”
“Very interesting interactive activities, I managed to get some ideas for myself”

Invest in your Sucess Launch

Satro is delighted to announce the official launch on the Invest in Your Success project, which is being funded by Woking Borough Council.

The Programme will involve 671 Year 9 students in the following schools: St John the Baptist, Bishop David Brown, Fullbrook, Wishmore Cross, The Winston Churchill and Woking High. Students will be involved in a programme designed to:
  • raise students’ aspirations and awareness of post-16 progression options
  • increase students’ understanding of employment opportunities in the Woking area
  • increase awareness and understanding by students of their future career goals
  • increase awareness by employers in the Woking area of the benefits of working with schools

It was officially launched by Woking Borough Council on 30th November.

The Programme will involve inspirational speakers from local businesses talking to students about their careers; students taking part in one-day enterprise challenges designed to test their entrepreneurial skills; finally in February 2012, all students will take place in a huge careers event to be held at Woking Leisure Centre and involving employers, colleges and apprenticeship providers from a wide range of sectors.

We look forward to being involved in this innovative new project, and we hope we can make a real difference to the aspirations and achievements of students in the Woking area.

Big Community Launch

We are delighted to announce that 25th November  saw the launch of a new project in which Satro is partnering with Eagle Radio – its called The Big Community.

What is the Big Community ?
In essence it will be a “dating service” tailored to matching people and resources between the Third and Business sectors.

The pilot is jointly funded by  Eagle Radio, Guildford Borough Council, Satro and Surrey Community Action. 
The pilot scheme will focus on Guildford and its immediate communities.  The longer term plan will be for other towns across Surrey to invest and provide this service and opportunity to their communities. 

Mission Statement for Big Community
To facilitate the communication between the 3rd Sector, the business sector and the general public by creating a user generated, interactive platform to electronically match people, requirements and organisations

Key Objectives of the Big Community
To create and provide a platform that is accessible to all people in Surrey, free of charge
To increase real activity in the “key match” areas
To provide real cash savings for the 3rd sector in the purchase of goods/services
To increase the employability, skillset, experience and knowledge of the workforce of Surrey by increasing volunteering opportunities
To educate the 3rd sector with better ways to communicate to those outside their sector
To highlight and share innovative ways businesses can give to the 3rd sector

What are the 4 key functions of the Big Community ?
Organisations seeking volunteers
Volunteers seeking organisations
Organisations seeking to purchase goods/services
Businesses offering goods/services to the 3rd sector

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Primary Maths Workshops

SATRO has once again been fortunate to receive funding from Cllr. Carol Coleman to support the 4 primary schools in her Ward which has enabled SATRO to deliver four Fun Maths workshops to KS2 pupils.
The first Fun Maths was held at St Michaels in Ashford on the 4th October 2011 with112 pupils. A teacher at St Michael’s commented “The workshop was well organised, well delivered and the staff/volunteers were very helpful and engaging.”  A pupil said “We learned that maths can be very exciting and that when there is a very hard question you have to be patient and don’t give up.”
The next Fun Maths session was held at Ashford C of E Primary School on the 18th October 2011 with 118 pupils. A teacher commented “The activities engaged the children and supported their understanding of problem solving and made them think about the questions.”
Echelford Primary School was on the 10th November 2011 with 93 pupils. A teacher from the school commented “Good use of visual resources as it allows all abilities to access the task”.
Clarendon Primary school had 45 pupils on 21st November 2011. Some of the students said “I learnt that Maths is not always boring it can be fun too and if you put your mind to it then you can do anything”.
Lots of positive comments from Teachers and pupils at all the four schools! SATRO are very grateful to Cllr Coleman -  without her SATRO and the schools would not have these Fun Maths Workshops.

Friday, 9 December 2011

First mentor visits - The NDS Red Button Challenge

This is a schools challenge being run with NDS Ltd, an international software technologies company whose global headquarters are in Staines. (Their technology leaps into action when you press the red button on your TV remote – hence the name of the challenge.) NDS staff are working directly with nine school teams over the next four months guiding them in developing their ideas for a TV-related ‘app’. The first six mentor visits, involving ten staff, took place during the past two weeks.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Fun Maths Workshop at Leatherhead Trinity Primary School

247 pupils from years 3,4,5 and 6 took part in a Fun Maths Workshop on the 17th November 2011 at Leatherhead Trinity Primary school. Fun Maths comprises a set of over 40 activities designed to challenge and excite pupils about maths in a relaxed environment.

Here’s a comment from the Assistant Head of Leatherhead Trinity about the day “Excellent resources and helpful staff (volunteers) thank you.”

Pupils that took part in the day also commented:
“I learned that working as a team helps keep your spirit high instead of giving up on yourself.”

“That maths and problem solving can be fun.”

Satro Business Game at Chandlers Field Primary School

50 year six children (ten & eleven year olds) at Chandler’s Field Primary School had a hugely exciting day running a company, thanks to funding from local company, P&G (Procter & Gamble).  The students took part in a ‘SATRO Junior Business Game - a business simulation game, organised by Surrey SATRO on Thursday 24th November 2011.
A teacher from Chandlers Field Primary School said “Pupils really engaged with activity and really enjoyed it. They couldn’t wait to get back in from break to carry on! Pupils really enjoyed taking on adult roles and participating in jobs like banking and buying supplies. Practical aspects gave all the children a chance to take part. It was great to see children working together and delivering independence in completing their chosen roles.”
Here are some comments from students who took part in the day:

“I enjoyed being able to see life in business and being able to present what we have learnt.”

“I learnt that working in business is very hard work! I also learnt that you have to be very careful whether you save or spend money.”

SATRO Business Game at Long Ditton CofE School

35 year six children (ten & eleven year olds) at Long Ditton St Mary’s C of E Junior School had a hugely exciting day running a company, thanks to funding from local company, P&G (Procter & Gamble).  The students took part in a ‘SATRO Junior Business Game - a business simulation game, organised by SATRO on Tuesday 22nd November 2011. Employees from P&G volunteered their services, offering advice and encouragement to the young entrepreneurs.

Here are some comments from students that took part on the day:
“I enjoyed making the presentation the most and being designer because when I’m older I want to be a designer. Now I’m definitely sure.”

“I enjoyed going to the bank because I learnt what the difference between a current and a deposit account was.”

“I learnt that taking everyone’s ideas in and meshing them all together made a great business.”

Monday, 28 November 2011

Inspirational speaker assembly at Bishop David Brown School, Woking

Invest in Your Success is all about inspiring young people about their futures and, in particular, getting them to think about opportunities they wouldn’t considered.  On 24th November 2011, SATRO organised inspirational speakers Estelle Hughes and Saffron da Silva to talk to 100 year 9 students at Bishop David Brown School.
Estelle, Managing Director at 3Line Media, showed some great clips demonstrating how she put together her TV programme; from how they design the characters to developing story lines and also how 3Line Media produces the animation .
Saffron, Head of News at Eagle Radio, stood and chatted to the students with no props and engaged them by asking questions to discover if they knew what path they wanted to take.  She also shared with the students how she was nervous and uncertain of her career at their age.
Both speakers were absolutely fantastic and kept over 100 year 9’s interested and quiet the whole time, no easy feat! Even the staff at the school were extremely impressed. Sean Furness, a new member of staff at Bishop David Brown School, said “It was my first experience of the work SATRO do in schools and the impact they can have - I'm now very much looking forward to the Soap Challenge”.

Friday, 18 November 2011

SIEMENS “The Next Big Thing” Challenge

 SATRO are delighted to announce that SIEMENS have once again agreed to sponsor “The Next Big Thing” Challenge for 2012.

This year’s challenge is aimed at KS4 and KS5 students in teams of between 4 and 8 to develop an idea for a product or service that they believe will be the next big thing in one of the four Siemens business areas:
·         Industry
·         Energy
·         Healthcare
·         Consumer products
The Challenge has been set with the aims of helping students:
             Be more likely to consider studying STEM and to enter careers in these sectors as a result of their participation
             Be more aware of the working world and the opportunities & skills needed by Siemens as a result of participation
             Have a greater understanding of the application of STEM to real problems.
The Challenge is limited to 12 teams drawn from across Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire.
·         Project ‘Kick-off’  on 13th January 2012
·         Judging at Siemens on 10th May 2012
All participating teams will also be automatically entered to exhibit their entry at the SATRO Festival of Science and Engineering at Brooklands Museum on the 6th June 2012
Contact as soon as possible if you are interested in entering a team this year

Monday, 14 November 2011


75 Year 5s took part in a Global Trading Game run by SATRO on Wednesday 9th November 2011 at Warren Mead Junior School, Banstead.  The pupils divided into teams of ‘countries’ - some rich, some poor – and gained knowledge about trading and diversities of wealth between countries.  Some interesting and valuable lessons they learnt were reflected in their feedback:

What they learnt…

“I learnt that lots of people go to bed hungry.”
“I learnt that we are a rich country and we are very lucky to have food and water.”
“I learnt that working with a team is better than working on your own because you have your friends to cheer you on.”

What they enjoyed…

“Making money, teamwork, trading and having fun.”
“I really thought about other countries and how they do not have technology like us and I learnt a lot about global trading, I really enjoyed it!

Friday, 11 November 2011


Tuesday 8th November 2011 at Esher College saw the fantastically successful conclusion to this years’ Surrey Nuffield Science Bursaries. SATRO organise 40+ placements on behalf of the Nuffield Foundation each summer for Year 12 students from Surrey schools with projects ranging from wildlife studies to medical research projects - all in real research and working environments.

The students had the opportunity to display and talk about their work with schools, providers and VIP guests including Professor Michael Joy, High Sheriff and TV’s Jon Tickle, SATRO patron. All students received Nuffield and Gold CREST certificates , with Charlotte Burton (above with Prof Joy) of Lady Eleanor Holles School receiving the Exceptional Achievement Award for her work on Tissue Growth in Mice Mandibles at Kings College Dental School. SATRO, with its education and business links, brought together students, parents, teachers and hosts for presentation evening. Record numbers of schools attended with prospective students and 2012 promises to be even more exciting!

Monday, 7 November 2011


A group of 10 and 11 year olds took part in a SATRO Global Trading Game on Thursday 3rd November 2011 at Barnsbury Primary School, Woking.  One of the objectives of the Game is to teach young children diversity of wealth in countries and link it to the real business world of trading.  The pupils learnt some powerful lessons, as these feedback comments attest to:

What they enjoyed:        “The way that it was a game, but it made you aware of the people around you and how much they struggled to live.”     

What they learned:         “It shocked me that people go to bed hungry.” 
“I learned that I will not chuck food away.”  
“That not all countries have a lot of stuff to really keep them alive.”

Thursday, 3 November 2011

How to become an Apprentice

On Monday 31st October, SATRO arranged for Kevin Cowan from ATL, the leading training provider of building services training, to speak to our Year 11 Construction Bus class at Oxted School, Surrey.

The school  told us “The talk he gave made a real impact and engagement from the kids was fantastic!”, “Happy for many more of this type of provider to come and talk to the kids”,  and “We will soon be arranging a visit to ATL to show the kids how it all works”.

The Construction Bus visits Oxted School every Monday and Tuesday.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

19th & 20th October 2011 - SATRO business games

320 students took part in two SATRO Business Games Held at Winston Churchill school with 14 business volunteers helping, some comments from students that took part:

"While you're doing the activities you don't understand how much you learn until after."

"How easily stressed you can get with the time limits and how hard it is to make a top quality product."

"I was surprised how well everyone got on and that everyone was working in a group."

18th October - Stamping out bullying!

Students from six schools put forward their best ideas about how to stamp out bullying within our schools. The event took place at County Hall, Kingston-upon-Thames. Some feedback from the students:

"I enjoyed being able to work collectively as a team in a complete different environment to school. I was surprised by some statistics concerning suicides related to bullying."

"I enjoyed the creation of a concept and a brand. This involved being both orignal and innovative."

18th October - SATRO Business Game

186 students took part in the SATRO Business Game held at Skinners Academy in Kent, this was sponsored by Willmott Dixon, also 15 business volunteers helped, some comments from the students who took part:

"I enjoyed the most when our team didn't lose hope and had a great determination"

"I enjoyed the independence, we were given tasks and trusted to get on with it"

"I enjoyed the presentation the most, it helped us show other people our hard work & achievements"

13th October - Science day

Primary Science: Science day held at Linden Bridge school.

13th October 2011 - Half day training course

Thirty- three primary and secondary Heads and Deputy Heads of Surrey schools were given the opportunity to improve and enhance their leadership skills by attending a half day training course run and hosted by P&G (Procter & Gamble) in collaboration with SATRO.

As the teachers who attended put it:

"Many useful and thought provoking strategies to take away - I am going to lead some changes!"

"Every Head and leadership team member should do this course it's short, sharp, on task and great 'value added' potential."

"This course has made me consider the imporatnce of leadership for me personally rather than a theorectical aspect of school management."

11th October 2011 - SATRO business game

28 year 6 pupils took part in a Junior SATRO Business Game held at Ewell Castle Prep School. some comments form pupils who took part:

"It was a super fun day and i would have chosen this day over any school day"

"Best thing that happened to me. Come back Please".

10 & 11th October 2011 - Primary Science Day

90 pupils enjoyed a Primary Science Day held at Cordwalles Junior school for year 5 and 6

"What equipments are mini computers controlled by electricity like washing machines for inputs and outputs"

"I learnt how to use Lego technology over the computer and i learnt how to use a flow diagram".

7th October - Science day

32 pupils from Freemantles School took part in a science day.

5th October 11 - Gifted year 8 Construction, Engineering and Design

72 students from 9 schools took part in the Gifted Year 8 Construction, Engineering and Design Challenge at Royal Alexandra & Albert School. The students were put into mixed school groups and were given the task of building an Olympic Stadium, below are some of the comments from them:

"It wasn't like i thought it would be at all. I liked working with new people but i was surprised that we weren't working with our school. I liked today!"

"The Independence of the day. This was however, a good thing as it helped develop our skills"

"How we decide every last detail about the stadium, especially the capacity, size and cost".

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

28th September 2011 - Volunteers thank you event

Staff and Trustees from SATRO were delighted to be joined by around 80 of our wonderful volunteers at a Thank you event held on Wednesday 28th September 2011 at the Gorse Hill Hotel, Woking.

Lady Toulson CBE, DL, who hosted the event, said "It is a real pleasure to meet some of the hundreds of wonderful people that work with SATRO to inspire young people about their future careers and i am delighted to be able to support your fantastic work".

Dr Beecy Bowden, CEO SATRO, said "In the last year SATRO'S programmes have involved over 15,000 young people and our volunteers have given more than 9,800 hours of their time to help us - we couldn't reach so many people, and have an impact on as many lives, without out wonderful volunteers, so i am pleased to be able to thank so many of them personally."

21st September - SATRO business Game

130 students took part in a SATRO business game held at Lavington School in Devizes

20th September 11 - Science day

33 pupils took part in a science day covering structures where they learnt what goes into building bridges.

20th September - SATRO Soap Challenge

There was plenty of good clean fun to be had at the SATRO Soap Challenge Enterprise event which took place at the University of Surrey on Tuesday 20th September. The event was delivered by Angus Farmer if CocoMango, a natural soap manufacturer, and SATRO to 120 Year 9 students from 24 schools, and facilitated by Lauren Bingham's outreach team from the Management & Law University faculty. No doubt much to their surprise, the teachers accompanying their students were also put into Teacher Teams to participate in the Challenge!

Weydon School were chosen as the overall winner of the best "Champagne Showers" soap design (lavender, geranium, tea tree oils) and presentation, with George Abbot School and St Bede's School taking joint second place.

5th September 11 - Surrey County Scholars

Skilled and talented young people from across Surrey, together with their parents and sponsors, gathered at County Hall, Kingston-upon-Thames for the 10th annual Surrey County Scholars and Surrey County Apprentices'/Diploma awards ceremony, organised by SATRO.

Award including trophies, certificates and cash prizes were presented to students by Mrs SarahGoad, JP, Lord-Lieutenant of Surrey, and Mr Tim Wates, Director of Wates group. Sixteen of the county's brightest and best Scholars were awarded burasies to enable them to study science and engineering at university and to open up exciting career opportunities with leading Surrey-based companies.

A futher 10 students recieved Surrey County Apprentice Awards in recognition of their hard work and outstanding achievements.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


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