Friday, 28 September 2012


On 26th September Riverview Primary School in West Ewell welcomed our Associate Peter Stables and five SATRO volunteers, all of whom brought their expertise into the classroom to deliver a hands-on Science Day.  Pupils from Year 1 through to Year 6 had the opportunity to learn, design and construct models in a variety of ways:  Forces were demonstrated in Floating and Sinking,  and through making Pneumatic Monsters and Water Rockets (Years 1, 3 and 6), electric circuits featured in the Scene in a Box activity for Year 5 and astronomers were in abundance in Year 4 as they went on an exploration of the Planets.  “This is the best ever day I’ve had in school” exclaimed a Year 3 pupil as he proudly showed off his dragon monster.

This event was sponsored by the CP Charitable Trust.  The school was delighted to welcome Trustee Chris Brewer, who was escorted round the classrooms by Headteacher, Mrs Sue Potter, to see the activities in action.  He was very pleased to see the enthusiasm of the pupils and thanked the SATRO team for the splendid curriculum support they provide to primary schools.  He commented:  “What children experience during a SATRO Science Day makes significant links to engineering in the real world; I was delighted to see how the pupils enjoyed working together”.

A Riverview pupil showing Chris Brewer his 'Scene in a Box'

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