Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Anja Salta - Summer STEM Virtual Work Placement Student - Weekly Reports


In April SATRO took the unprecedented (and sad) decision to suspend the Research Programme for this year due to COVID-19. We asked all our providers for a 'day in the life of' summaries to give the students a flavour of the many types of roles that are available in the professional environments. 

Following SATRO's hard work to develop an online policy. In May, we reached out to our wonderful providers to propose a virtual solution and to get around any social distancing rules. The response was amazing. We asked for suitable titles that the students could research over the summer and devise a short essay and either a PP or a poster with their findings. 

All students have been asked to provide a weekly update on their experience - please see below to see what Anja has been up to so far! 

Week One

"I have always been curious about what will happen in the future and how our actions will shape what it looks like. It’s why I choose to do ‘How to sustainably provide food for 9 billion people’. When I saw this question I was immediately drawn to it as it made me really think about possible solutions. I had a couple of thoughts in my head about what can be done so I did the research to see if they were viable options and to see if there were better solutions.

It was easy to find information on this topic as it is seen as a pressing issue that needs to be addressed quickly in order to solve it. It took a little while to be able to pick and choose what I thought was the most important factors and then put them into categories, but I eventually got there. Now all I have left to do is finish writing my findings."

- Anja Salta

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