Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Muhammad Rasheed - Summer STEM Virtual Work Placement Student - Weekly Reports


   After the success of last year's Virtual Research Placements we decided to run it again in 2021! 

All students have been asked to provide a weekly update on their experience - please see below to see what Muhammad has been up to so far! 

Week One:

"Work experience this Summer Holidays with CGL was a great experience really Enjoyed it! At first I had an introduction meeting with Paul and Kimberly where I got told what I will be doing for this project with a project timeline of when everything will take place. Later, we had a meeting for my Remote Desktop setup where I had to do all my work and they setup my profile. Paul gave me a very detailed training where he taught me how to load datasets into Holebase. I learned how to load data and how you can use QGIS to check attributes of each datasets. He gave me a file with Datasets so I can load them to Holebase too. I also loaded some WMS datasets which was quite interesting as I got told that some of these datasets are Publicly available on websites like Defra. After, we had a project progress meeting where I presented my work I had done to Paul & Kimberly. It was an amazing experience working with Paul as anywhere I needed help he was there ready to support me-really helpful! Loading Datasets was fairly a repetitive task meaning that I was doing the same thing again and again therefore I think for future students there should be more involvement. However, overall the Project was really good and kept me busy with work on Summer Holidays." 

- Muhammad Rasheed

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