Monday, 14 August 2017

Sofia Mashanovich - Summer STEM Work Placement Student - Weekly Reports

The STEM placement students are sending us weekly blogs all about their experience in the world of work! 

Work experience is great and it provides students with many benefits whilst gaining skills and helping choose the right future career path for pupils. Having work experience on a Curriculum Vitae will make a person stand out to employers as they will notice they have motivation and a real passion for work. It will also help to boost a students confidence in themselves!

See how Sofia is getting on with her STEM placement! 

Week One 

"The first week of my placement has flown by, mainly consisting of gathering the necessary information needed in order to understand the field of nutrition that I am spending the next few weeks researching - Vitamin D. 

After reading numerous new research papers, I have been intrigued by the discovery that Vitamin D3 is twice as effective in raising Vitamin D levels in the body, compared to D2. This is important since a recent study has concluded that the majority of the teenage population in the UK is Vitamin D deficient.  I look forward to delving deeper into the Science behind these conclusions in the next week of my placement." 

- Sofia Mashanovich

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