Friday, 7 December 2012


Sixty year 5 & 6 children from St John's Primary School in Redhill took part in a SATRO Junior Business Game on 5th December.  The were divided into mixed ability and friendship groups to emulate the real working world.

Judging from the pupil's feedback, they had a superb day which definitely opened their eyes to the world of business.  And, how important teamwork and communication are in an effective organisation...
"I learnt that today was very important, especially about the teamwork and friends we made.  It has made me think how hard business actiually is and that you really have to think about the future. Making a right decision is crucial for the future."
The teacher's were equally as enthused with the day...
"Fantastic day, we'll do it again, brilliantly run as well.  Thanks!"

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