Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Illuminating Science

Children at Bramley Infant School enjoyed an illuminating morning of science on 3rd December when Year 1 learnt about bones in the body and making different types of skeletons, whilst Year 2 became electrical “engineers” and built lighthouses.  Starting with an initial presentation from the SATRO team, the pupils were given an overview of their respective topic before they got hands-on experience of making a relevant model.  Year 1 made a large newspaper skeleton, a small flexible skeleton from card and an art skeleton of their own design.  Year 2 learnt about electrical safety and how to wire up a simple circuit to insert into their Pringles tube lighthouse.  The teachers were pleased with the content of both workshops, commenting “The children were engaged and are wanting to find out more”.  The pupils thought it was fun and one said “I want to be a science person and learn about skeletons and dinosaurs”.

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