Thursday, 13 December 2012

FUN-tastic Maths

Last week saw two primary schools hold Fun Maths events: Hillcroft Primary in Caterham involved 157 pupils from Years 3 -6 and The Chandler School in Witley, near Godalming mixed their Year 4 and 6 year groups, a total of 170.  This fantastic workshop offered pupils the opportunity to test and consolidate their maths knowledge in a fun, non-confrontational way.  An interactive challenge, the pupils worked in pairs to solve a range of differentiated problems and puzzles within a time limit.  Teachers were impressed with the way in which all the children were able to participate at their own level:            
  “A brilliantly productive session – it helped[the children] to realise that there is more than one right answer.”
The pupils learned that maths isn’t just about numbers, but involves logic, discussion and patterns.  They had a really fun time and as one child put it:
“This is one of the best experiences of my life – I loved it!!!”

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