Friday, 27 December 2013


Surrey Connects

Surrey Connects is an independent, business-led economic development company working in partnership to stimulate enterprise growth across Surrey. We are champions of Smart Economic Growth and our aim is to increase the value of the economy and promote Surrey as a world-class economy. Together we share a vision of Surrey as a county where knowledge, creativity and innovation drive economic growth to improve prosperity and quality of life for all.
Surrey Connects believes that we need to innovate and create the jobs of tomorrow so that we maintain one of the best standards of living in the UK. However, the very things which make Surrey an attractive location in which to live and work are the same things which constrain its growth. Therefore, we have adopted a sustainable approach across all our activities. Smart Economic Growth is our strategy to drive economic growth through knowledge, innovation and creativity. It's about extracting ‘more for less’. It means using technology and innovative ways of working to increase productivity without damaging the quality of life or the environment in Surrey.
In our view, economic growth and sustainable development must go hand in hand in order to protect the quality of life for future generations as well as for today. Surrey Connects will optimise the potential of people, land, space and technology. Our strategy is about investing in skills and innovation to increase our productivity so that we can all share in the benefits of a strong, prosperous economy and a high quality of life.
As part of our strategy for Smart Economic Growth, Surrey Connects is delighted to be sponsoring Surrey TeenTech for the second year running.

So What?!
Mark Pearson, CEO Surrey Connects said: 'It is critical that Surrey's future generations of entrepreneurs, innovators and business leaders are shown what is on offer to them across the vast array of businesses that are already based in the Surrey area. And it is vital that we continue as the current generation of business leaders to provide the opportunities to the younger generations and this is why we are delighted to be supporters of TeenTech Surrey.'

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