Monday, 9 December 2013


KS3 students at Reigate School tested their maths skills when they participated in a Jaguar Cars 'Maths in Motion' challenge. Using bespoke software to calibrate a virtual racing car, the teams had to calculate measurements of distance, angles and speed potential of a race track in order to program their racing car for optimum performance. Teamwork played a vital part in calculating the right formula for success. The challenge reached its climax with the teams competing in a Grand Prix style race. Students and teachers agreed that the workshop was an exciting and practical way in which to consolidate maths skills linked to the real world.

"It shows that maths isn't all sums and it can be helpful in real life situations. It also shows it's really important," commented a student.

Thanks to Mr Peter Lambell, former SCC Councillor, who sponsored this event.

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