Thursday, 5 December 2013


150 Year 3 pupils at Ravenscote Junior School in Frimley enjoyed an investigation science workshop discovering the properties of materials. As an introduction to a Packaging Challenge, the children had to identify the different properties of materials and think about how those materials are used in everyday life. They looked at various types of product packaging and then made their own box to wrap up a meringue nest choosing from a selection of protective materials; to test their choice of packaging, the boxes were sent through a simulated postal system. The children then re-opened their box to discover if their packaging had been successful - of the 150 meringues, there was a 95% unbroken success rate.

One teacher commented, “A great session! Very engaging, the children loved it and it put learning into a real life context.”

"I feel more confident and understanding about science and I would like to be a scientist when I am older," said a pupil, and another remarked, "It has made me feel confident and if I become a postman I will make sure not to smash the packaging."

This event was sponsored by Surrey County Councillor Mr David Ivison. SATRO and the school are very grateful for his support.

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