Thursday, 16 August 2012

A-level Results day!

All of us at Satro would like to say a big well done to all students collecting their A level results in Surrey & borders today - you've worked very hard and you deserve your success! :-)

But if you aren't so happy with your results we'd also like to say, DON'T PANIC!

As you know, we work with thousands of young people in Surrey & borders every year, including hundreds who receive one to one mentoring from our volunteers - so we know that far too often it can seem like this is your 'one chance' in life to get it right.

Of our 850+ volunteers, from all areas of the working world, some did get it right first time - but a huge number didn't, and lots and lots of them didn't discover what they wanted to do until they had tried several different things first (and hated them!) - and they are all successful and love what they do now (which is why they volunteer for us, to help inspire you!).

So here's our top tips for what do do next if you are not jumping for joy today:

  • Get advice: speak to teachers, careers advisors and any contacts you or your parents have in areas of work that you might be interested in - about what your options are and what to do next.
  • Do your homework: think about other options - not just alternative Universities, but Apprenticeships, part-time degrees and vocational courses at colleges. Satro regularly employs Apprentices and they all tell us that for them, it was the best choice they could have made. There are loads of opportunities out there - check the National Apprenticeship Website.
  • Make the best impression: whatever option you have chosen, arm yourself with extra information that could make you stand out formt he crowd, such as relevant work experience, awards or achievements - things like participation in SATRO Challenges or SATRO/Nuffield Work Placements have been known to make the difference - especially if you can demonstrate what you have learnt from taking part!
  • Don’t panic: places can go quickly, but avoid the temptation to take the first offer.
  • Rehearse: be prepared to explain why your grades were disappointing and rehearse answers to questions admissions staff or potential employers are likely to ask you.
  • Stand tall and be confident - if you need to make a phonecall about a place or a job - have your 'script' written down ready, stand up and smile - you'll be suprised how confident it makes you feel and sound, and the person on the other end of the phone won't be able to see you!

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