Friday, 3 August 2012


FANTASTIC FEEDBACK  about one of this summers' Nuffield Placement students, Oliver Page of the Royal Grammar School.  His supervisor, Dr Jon Varcoe Reader in Materials Chemistry at the University of Surrey has contacted us to make us aware of Olivers' achievements.

"Oliver Page is on his last day of his 4 week Nuffield placement in my laboratories, and we have been delighted with his efforts. He has worked very hard and professionally. He has produced some excellent results of such quality (and potential impact to my field of polymer fuel cells) that we are planning on publishing his results later this year in a Royal Society of Chemistry high impact journal [once we have done a few follow up experiments that take longer than 4 weeks to complete]. Dare I say it, but he has produced more high quality work in 4 weeks than some of our final year undergraduates managed in a few months!

Congratulations Oliver!

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