Friday, 17 August 2012

The Olympics - a lasting memento!

What a fantastic event the Olympics 2012 was, and we're looking forward to watching the ParaOlympics soon too. Did you know that Satro has been using the theme of 'sports stadia' to help inspire young people to think about the engineering and science skills needed to design and build the wonderful venues needed to host such great events?

The results have proven so popular that Schools have asked if they can keep their constructions to display - and we have several mini sports stadia adorning our offices too!

In the 2011-12 academic year, which has just finished, we ran 22 Sports Satdium Challenges involving 1,833 students from both Primary and Secondary schools - and we have many more planned for next term!

In our challenge, teams of students have to work together to design and build real structures, as you can see in the photo! Our volunteers help them to think about the engineering principles as well as the aesthetic issues.

Its a fantastic event, as you can see some of the quotes below:

Students - What did you learn today?
'that teamwork makes building more efficient and much faster'
'that we need to cooperate with eveyone, not just our friends'
'I wanted to be an engineer, and this has showed me what its like. I've enjoyed it and I want to do it more now'
'It has raised my interest in engineering and construction'

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