Wednesday, 29 August 2012


WOW - what a year for celebration in 2012:  not only did Surrey raise its profile by hosting the Olympic road cycling races, but some 8,000 young people in the County and border areas experienced a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) activity through SATRO’s Discovery Science Programme.   This programme supports the National Curriculum syllabus by promoting STEM subjects through practical hands-on activities in school.  The aim is to inspire young people about the world of work, but it also assists teachers to develop the delivery of these subjects in an exciting, informative format.  Covering both primary and secondary students, we have offered a diverse range of activities throughout the year: science workshops, Fun Maths, Healthy Eating, the Sports Stadium Challenge, Alternative Energy Days and Bespoke Problem Solving Challenges.  Our work is supported by experienced volunteers from industry and commerce who bring their knowledge and enthusiasm into the classroom; a fantastic 155 of these volunteers participated in the Discovery Science programme over the past year, with many of them supporting more than one activity.

Comments we received from teachers and students validate the success of these events:

“The engineer showed us how to make a fantastic rocket – it was the best day ever!” – primary school pupil enthusing about the Water Rockets workshop

“I learnt that planning is a key point in engineering” – secondary school student participating in a Bespoke Problem Solving Challenge

“Great for the less ‘literate’ children to really excel at something practical” – a teacher’s response to the Sports Stadium Challenge

“A really good chance for the children to work as a team, listen to each other and share responsibilities” – a volunteer facilitating at The Alternative Energy Day.

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