Wednesday, 15 October 2014

10 Reasons You Should Study STEM Subjects

SATRO’s vision is to inspire and enthuse young people about their future careers, by giving them as many possible glimpses into the working world throughout their journey through education – particularly in the STEM area (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). So I’ve decided to compose a list of 10 reasons why we think you should be studying STEM subjects and here they are…

1. Young people with STEM qualifications are in demand in the job market and have good long term career prospects.

2. People with STEM skills can make a big contribution to many of the big challenges facing society today.

3. There are opportunities to work in various environments from field work to manufacturing plants, offices to labs, schools to hospitals, from deep oceans to outer space.

4. One of the great challenges of this time is the search for new energy resources. We have to lower our dependence on fossil fuels and find new renewable sources of energy, from wind to solar to wave power. Rising to this challenge is creating many new STEM based jobs for the future.

5. There is expected to be a 48% increase in demand for physical environmental science graduates in the next eight years.

6. There is a huge variety of exciting career paths open to people with STEM based skills.

7. People with STEM qualifications are very employable. Choosing STEM subjects opens up options later in life.

8. Chemistry and Physics graduates will earn on average over 30% more during their working lifetimes than other A-level holders.

9. Most science and engineering companies provide training opportunities and map out long term career paths.

10. There is a demand for people with STEM skills globally; careers can often include the opportunity for international travel.

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