Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Science in Primary Schools - Lucy Miguda

John Cridland, Director-General of the CBI recently said “How can we expect to inspire future generations of scientists and engineers if we don’t deliver high-quality and inspiring science lessons at primary school age?  If we are not careful, too many children will have lost interest in science before they reach their teens”.  SATRO is able to help teachers of whom over half say that primary science in schools is being squeezed out and that many teachers feel it is not a priority subject and many schools struggling to teach the recommended two hours per week.

Last year we worked with over 15,000 young people aged from 5 – 18 by delivering our inspirational hands on challenging and diverse programmes in schools.  Our programmes range from Fun Maths, Business Games, Career Speed Dating to ICT programming which are all delivered in an age appropriate manner utilising our 650 professional volunteers many of whom are from the science, technology, engineering and maths business sectors.

If you would like to know more about the programmes we run please contact for more information.

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